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We are a small group of Authors and Artists who enjoy sharing what we do. We've been around since 2000 and we like to do things the old-fashioned way. Remember when we used to help each other out with free graphics and everyone said "thanks" by providing links and free plugs for the works of others? Then the Internet went all ratty and polite behaviour went out the window. Well, we aim to bring it back....

Here, we present some graphics designed by us using material contained in our own software programs, together with stuff we have licensed and/or purchased from our colleagues and friends. Please make sure you visit any links and help these folk out if you can. It is all well and good to have this stuff for free, but it concerns us that everyone is working very hard for little or nothing. That is not fair; and it it is not the way it used to be. No one is "entitled" to our Art or our skills - we are. All we ask is a fair deal for everybody.

And on that note, there are rules - our business, our rules. If that doesn't sit well with you we thank you for your visit and we ask you to move on.

You will see some copyright notices - please do not remove these. We are happy to do this exercise for free, but like we said... our business, we pay the bills, like or lump how we choose to operate. We decide what is and is not acceptable.

We never send nor condone spam or direct linking or any form of glorified stealing. So... make sure you Right-Hand Click on the images and save them to a file on you own computer. If you don't do this (Left-Hand Click, in other words) you will be direct linking and this steals bandwidth from the source and may even be illegal in some countries. If you get in trouble you can get yourself out of trouble because we definitely won't help you.

These graphics are not to be sold, licensed or included in any graphics collection. Because we have used other programs and sources we have purchased to create these graphics we do not recommend you use them in any commercial capacity. Personal Use only. If you play up the Twyckwick® witch will curse you and trust us, you just wouldn't want that at all.

We thank our colleagues and friends - thanks for all the fun we have in creating these graphics. We hope you enjoy what we do. Be nice, have respect and wow... you might re-discover some of those delightful aspects of the Internet that you thought were long-forgotten. If you have been around long enough you will know what we mean.

Now, let's begin... Right-Hand Click and do a File/SaveAs...



We thank Microsoft Clipart, Corel, Photoshop, Avanquest, grsites and Heather's Animations.

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