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Special Holiday Edition 2017


 Last year's Holiday Ezine


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Mountain Mist Productions Ezine

Editor: Walter McKeltey


Special Holiday Edition 2017


Last year's Holiday Ezine





Mountain Mist Productions Ezine

Editor: Walter McKeltey

Special Holiday Edition 2017





From the Editor’s Desk


The Twyckwick® Project Officially Launched



Dancin’ in The Twyckwick Diner:


Remember When - Back to the 50's & 60's

A Classic 60's TV Show Dance Party

Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth shades of Elvis???


Microsoft Excel like you wouldn’t believe!


Farmers are still struggling in Australia


Alan Watts & David Lindberg:

 Why Your Life Is Not A Journey


Radio Station twyckwick.fm


The Story of Dick Proenneke


Special Videos


Remember to Breathe – Alberta, Canada.



The Mountain

Happiness Frequency - Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphin

Release Music, Binaural Beats, Relaxing Music


Old Tom’s Clout by L P King


An Important Alternative in the Garden

by Anna Marinopoulos


Great Online Converter Tool


For the Kids


Free and Printable Holiday Colouring Pages

Easy Crafts for Kids


So Joseph Remembers… by Adrian Rogers


Learning to just “glide on by”… by Walter McKeltey


Congratulations to David Rawlings


Simply Pavlova


DIY Tips


Top 40 Best Ever Cleaning Tips

31 Genius Essential Oil Tips and Hacks

25 Skills Every Man Should Know


The Best Garden Tips


DIY Tips for Guitar Maintenance


Advantages Of Car Leasing by Rob Porter

Just Funny

Short and clean jokes


Church In the Wildwood

sung by Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Robert Emhardt


Jim Nabors sings Silent Night


New Year’s Ballet

Blue Danube – Johann Strauss

Vienna New Year Concerts through the Years


At the Movies


Beyond Tomorrow - 1940 - Classic Romance



Westward Ho 1935 John Wayne


John Wayne: The Unquiet American Biography




Free Holiday Ecards


Twyckwick Twinkles Card Shop


Meet Miz Ermadine


7 Tips to Prevent Water Heater Repairs by Janet Slagell


What To Do When You Are Feeling Uneasy

by Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales


Carol of the Birds


Australian Christmas Carol sung by Bucko & Champs



Australia’s New Year’s Anthem:


Great Southern Land by Icehouse


Easy Recipes for the Holidays


Recipes from Leigh McPherson, author of Mine Tastes Better


From The Literary Lunch – Recipes for a Hungry Mind

E-Book by Magdalena Ball


Recipes From around the Web


Slow-Cooked Onions with Cider & Cheese


Just a little “whacky”




From our Members and Readers:


Banana Health Cake


Economical Sausage Pie


Chicken & Broccoli


Fish with Corn Sauce


Chocolate Corner


Easy Chocolate Muffin Recipe


Favourite Chocolate Cake


DIY Chocolate Recipe



 Accupressure and breathing techniques


Food combining


Teas for the Immune System



Holiday Music


A Christmas Festival - Boston Pops


Hallelujah - Jackie Evancho - Peter Hollens


Il Est Né - Traditional French Christmas Carol


Cajun Gold - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree



This Yuletide Greeting is not what it seems


Charles Aulds on Fear


Images of Canada by Charles Aulds


Free Online Reading


Myths and Legends of Our Own Land

by Charles M. Skinner



Audio Book


Riders of the Purple Sage

Zane GREY (1872 - 1939)


Kathy Akins in the Smoky Mountains:

As Nature celebrates…



Hannah’s Column


Message from Lorna

News from The Gang

Pics from Friends of The Gang


Alice’s Video Picks:


Cat can't be fooled


Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017


Kookaburra laughs

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Walter McKeltey

Special Holiday Edition 2017


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